People and Performance

Simon Says: Under My Skin?

By |Oct 5, 2017|

Microchip implants for employees? Tami Simon is cautious about the idea. Read what she thinks in her latest post.

Simon Says: Next Time, Try Listening

By |Apr 5, 2017|

In the wake of the AHCA being pulled, Tami Simon suggests Congress could use a history lesson on cross-party collaboration and public discussion of proposed legislation.

Simon Says: The French Dis-Connection

By |Feb 21, 2017|

Thanks to technology, the lines between work and personal are blurred, can the French help?

Understanding the Past, Building the Future: Human Resources

By |Sep 9, 2016|

HR Bartender’s Sharlyn Lauby looks at the future of human resources in the final installment of this series, Understanding the Past, Building the Future.

The Care and Handling of Older Workers

By |Jul 28, 2016|

As the workforce matures, employers most likely will face the challenge of accommodating older employees.